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Syllabus and course guides

Syllabus Course 2020-21

Official Master's Degree in Social Media Marketing (60 ECTs)

Module 1: Social Media Marketing Module (Opt)
Code Subject Credits  Semester
 14283  E-marketing 6  1st Semester
 14280  Social Media Commerce 6 1st Semester
 14282  Social Media 6 1st Semester
 14286  Web Resources and Mobile Technologies 6 1st Semester
 14285  Online Reputation and Personal Branding in Digital Environments 6 1st Semester
Module 2: Electronic Tourism (Opt, Electronic Tourism Speciality)
Code Subject Credits  Semester
 14281  Online Communication and Promotion Strategies 6 2nd Semester 
 14287  New Trends in Tourism 6  2nd Semester  
 14288  Advanced Tourism Information Systems 6  2nd Semester 
 Module 3: Research Module (Opt, Research Speciality)
Code Subject Credits  Semester
 14291  Advanced Quantitative Methods of Analysis in Marketing 6  2nd Semester  
 14292  Advanced Qualitative Methods of Analysis in Marketing 6  2nd Semester  
 14284  Research Methods in Social Media Marketing 6  2nd Semester  
Module 4: Internship (Opt)
Code Subject Credits  Semester
 14289  Internship 6  2nd Semester 
 Module 5: Master's Thesis (Opt)
Code Subject Credits  Semester
 14290  Master's Thesis 6 2nd Semester 
  Total ECTS Credits  60  


FORMATION SUPPLEMENTS: In the case of students who come from other studies where there are no subjects related to marketing, it will be advisable to take the following subjects of the Degree in Business Management and Administration as a formation complement: Marketing Management and Strategic Marketing