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Face meetings calendar

Welcome session

On the first day of the course, one hour before the start of the first class, there will be a face-to-face meeting with the students. In this meeting the master, the operation of the virtual campus, as well as the practices and the TFM will be presented. The specific date of the session and the classroom will be informed by email.


Given the blended nature of the master, the tutorials will be carried out in person or by email with the different teachers of the master. See the section on teachers for emails from teachers.

Exam calendar

At the end of the teaching period of the different subjects a test will be carried out. This test will generally consist of the delivery of a written work. In the first session of the different subjects the content of this test will be specified, as well as the calendar and the aspects related to the format. You can also consult the "evaluation" section of the teaching guides of the respective subjects to see the specific information.